Edwards Arts Council
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Edwards Opera House  

Edwards Town HallThe Edwards Town Hall Opera House is an architecturally unique theater seating about 275 people, with superb acoustics, raked auditorium and stage floor, with its original painted front curtain well preserved and still in place.  We are fortunate to have this unusually intact example of a type of facility no longer surviving in most small towns in Northern New York.Under the direction of the Edwards Arts Council and as part of plans for restoring the historic town hall building, the theater is being refurbished and its stage area reconfigured as it was originally at the turn of the last century, with wings and hanging backdrop.The success of the Arts Councils' mission - to promote arts expression and rehabilitate a landmark building as a basis for community renewal - will depend on your interest and support.  Donations for use and restoration of the Opera House are tax deductible.


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